Angular 4 + Bootstrap 4 = ❤️

Our console at has always been functional but never pretty. Our team’s skillset almost exclusively consist of backend engineers. We generally know what looks good but find it difficult/impossible to turn our thoughts into beautiful visual design. Instead we find it much easier to turn our thoughts into hopefully beautiful code.

Unfortunately our console is usually the first or second page a potential user sees when they land on our site via AdWords or organic search. In this hyper-competitive world first impressions count and we have been neglecting ours. Instead we have been focused on creating the most secure, robust and simplest blockchain service out there. Although in reality we have just been avoiding the frontend because no sane backend engineer would want to touch spaghetti JavaScript callback hell.

However over the last few months we have been following Angular 2 now 4’s development and have finally found a frontend toolchain compatible with our backend engineer's mindset. Angular 4 + Angular CLI + TypeScript + Bootstrap 4 + SCSS works really well. TypeScript is a pleasure to use and Angular 4 makes writing modular reusable frontend code simple. Therefore we are pleased to announce the new console made entirely from Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4. Please let us know if you find any teething issues.

You’ll notice the console still isn’t pretty which is why we are looking for a talented designer to theme our Bootstrap. Please email [email protected] with a link to your portfolio if you are interested in taking on the challenge.