The RTWire mock service

Financial systems require careful attention to ensure that customer data is handled safely. At RTWire we try our hardest to make this as easy as possible by making our service simple and secure. For example, we have very few API endpoints, all of which are consistent and documented concisely. Our decision to use Basic Auth using TLS and DNSSEC means that very little code is required on the developer's side to implement secure authentication. Since the beginning we have also made the bitcoin testnet3 network available for testing meaning you don’t have to spend real money to integration test.

This brings us to the release of our latest development tool which can be found at It`s a high fidelity local web server that mocks the RTWire service. You can either build it yourself or download one of the precompiled binaries. Mock allows your code to interact with RTWire API endpoints locally during your development and testing phases. We use the mock RTWire service internally with our unit and integration tests by firing up a mock process at the beginning of each test, interacting with its endpoints at http://localhost:8085/v1/ and then shutting it down at the end. This is faster than testing against RTWire’s live endpoints at

Associated with the release of mock we have also released an official Go language client found at If you happen to use the Go language then you can interact with mock using httptest and mock service package for even simpler testing.

Tools - Dylan Foley