Welcome To RTWire

Welcome to RTWire - a simple way to create incredibly powerful Bitcoin applications.

RTWire provides a simple API that allows you, the developer, to easily interact with the Bitcoin network. We take care of the Bitcoin Protocol nuances such as transaction malleability, block chain reorgs, double spends etc. while to focus on your core business logic.

  Threadneedle Street - Andrea Vail

RTWire allows you to create and control multiple accounts, each of which act like Bitcoin wallets. It also allows you to transfer money between accounts in real-time, without a transaction fee and for any amount, no matter how small.

The API functionality allows you to create Bitcoin centric services such as exchanges, auctions, gambling sites or anything that requires high volume, low value transactions that need to be confirmed in real-time. We essential offer an enterprise grade off-chain transaction system for Bitcoin.

With today's announcement we are opening our API for developers to use only with testnet3. We hope to open mainnet to the public within the coming weeks as our transaction volumes scale.

Docklands Fireworks (Explored!) – Scott Cresswell
Threadneedle Street – Andrea Vail