Founded in London in 2014 and open to the general public on 1st January 2015, RTWire is one of the longest running blockchain companies and the first to make instant blockchain payments viable by insuring unconfirmed transactions against fraud.

RTWire’s codebase began as the payments backend of a charitable Bitcoin lottery in 2013 where all money generated by ticket sales went to prizes or charities democratically chosen by players. However, we found that the wait time for a transaction to be securely confirmed within the blockchain turned away many customers. Through much research and development we created a system that accepted blockchain payments within seconds whist minimising the risk of malleability and double spend attacks. As word got around, it became clear that RTWire needed to be spun into its own product for others to use.

Giving Back

We believe digital currency not only has a serious future alongside fiat currency but more importantly that it can facilitate positive social change in ways that were not previously possible. Please see our founder's guest blog for Virgin Unite for more details at

In order to promote RTWire’s use as a facility for positive social change we offer insurance discounts of 20% to customers that use our service in the following ways:

  • Conservation Ecology
  • Scientific Discovery
  • Humanitarian Aid

Please contact us if any of the above apply to your use of RTWire.


RTWire’s founder, Jon Gillham, has a history of creating products that encourage social good. From FlewThru, a GPS navigation system that helped drivers take less polluting journeys to Pursuit Timing, a product that gave professional timing to amateur sporting events in order to promote exercise.

Jon also works as a doctor caring for patients in the London area.