Why wait over 10 minutes to receive Bitcoins?


With RTWire you don't have to.

Our API insures unconfirmed transactions against reversal.


Real Time Risk Management

Our infrastructure manages the risk of interacting with the bitcoin network so you can concentrate on running your business.

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Off Chain Transactions

RTWire allows you to send bitcoins between your accounts instantaneously, without miners fee and risk free.

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Payment Channels

Use payment channel smart contracts to send micro payments in a trust-less way to RTWire.
(Pending SegWit adoption).

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Global Blockchain Challenge





1% Of Debit + Miner Fee

  • Double-spend protection
  • Dynamic miner fees
  • Batching of transactions for cheaper miner fees
  • Defrag unspent txouts for cheaper miner fees
  • Transaction malleability protection
  • Chain reorganisation protection
  • Unlimited Bitcoin accounts
  • Unlimited Bitcoin addresses
  • Free off chain transactions
  • Accept transactions below 0.05 BTC in seconds
Little Jelly Balls


Pictures by Tim Pierce and Torsten Hofmann.